Grand Tour on Amazon Video

Anyone recall BBC’s Top Gear?  The original hosts appear to run into some issues that ended up with the show being cancelled. So what do you do with a show that’s been going on for seasons? You find a new sponsor and distributor for the show.  So now, Amazon distributes Grand Tour on Amazon Video which generally mirrors the format.

As someone who doesn’t really know much about cars, I find their “analysis” of the cars to be interesting.  Although I can gather greater horsepower is good, what I find most enjoyable is each host’s will demonstrate their utter enthusiasm for a particular car’s power, speed, and handling while simultaneously trying to minimize the other cars being showcased.  It inevitably ends up being such a crazy dialog that sometimes I want to drive all the cars just to see how it feels.

They also have these “crazy” challenges which are hilarious too.  The “eco-friendly” Land Rover conversion is definitely my favorite followed by the dune buggy.  I think it’s worth watching if anything for the comedy.



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