Trevor Noah on Netflix

Does anyone watch The Daily Show? To me, it’s a quasi political and mainstream media satire show.  The comedian Jon Stewart used to host the show on Comedy Channel and retired not too long ago. Occasionally I still see his commentary from time to time on The Late Show with Colbert.

Anyways, Trevor Noah took over the duties at The Daily Show. Although I haven’t watched the show in great depth, I’ve watched a few YouTube clips and found the short clips to be a hilarious commentary of the day’s news.  Remember the Carrier “deal“?  Here’s the Daily Show’s commentary.   Commentary aside, Noah is great comedian as well.

Now with Netflix and having seen stand up comedian Ali Wong  perform her routine, Noah apparently also has a few shows that’s on Netflix.  I’ve seen all three (first, second, third) and they are funny!  The third one though is more documentary with funny moments.  Time to binge on other stand up shows on Netflix.


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