Ticket Scalping…

Scalping Tickets is pretty big business.  Even Ticketmaster has decided to “allow” scalping of tickets by providing a secondary market for “verified” sales…  This is a screenshot of anyone looking to buy Hamilton Tickets.  Note the Orchestra prices.

Ticketmaster So Fucked Up 1

And do you know how much Orchestra tickets generally go for?  Less than 200 dollars without the added fees tacked.  Resale goes for double the initial purchasing price.  As much as I understand the whole arbitrage of tickets, I find it a bit absurd that Ticketmaster allows the resale of their own tickets.

Ticketmaster So Fucked Up 2

If you look carefully, some of the premium $650 seats are going for double as well.  Why would anyone want to pay double the price for premium seats when there are still seats left?  egads…



I will admit I have a tendency to interrupt others… men, women, dogs, cats, birds.  Not that I’m excusing this rude impolite behavior, but I think I interrupt people because I’m passionate about what I want to say.  I find that if I don’t say something right away, I lose my chance and more importantly my train of thought.  I recognize this problem and I’ve been taking slow steps to try to minimize my interruption of others.  I wonder if people notice it.

But anyways, due to the recent Senate hearings, a number of interesting things are coming out… like the interruption of Kamala Harris when speaking.  I find this fascinating because I recently heard about a study that women get interrupted by men more often as a sign of power. And yes, it even happens to the female Supreme Court Justices!  Do you remember this?  Interruption at it’s “finest.”

Is a burrito considered a wrap? 

Some points to ponder…

  • Is a wrap considered to be a “food delivery” system? 
  • Is a wrap just an alternative way to serve a sandwich ie… I can order a turkey sandwich and turkey a turkey wrap. I can also order a carnitas burrito but not carnitas sandwich.  
  •  Is a burrito considered to be “ethnic food” while a wrap is catch-all be-all term? 
  • Is it the type of filling that defines a wrap or a burrito?