The Break

Michelle Wolf (wiki) has a Netflix comedy show called The Break similar to Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.  However, her show is much more experimental, edgier and I think talks about random topics that she probably cares about.  And I also don’t think she cares what other people thinks about her topics considering how she roasted Huckabee-Sanders at the White House Correspondents dinner.

So I’ve been watching her show on and off.  But her Season 1 Episode 7: How Dare You? had a segment about pro-life supporters.  She goes on to comment that if a person was truly a pro-life supporter, then it would be logical to also assume they would also support healthcare, childcare, education, gun control and the environment.


Her bit starts below at the 35s mark.


Think about it. That’s all I ask.

Twice at KCON LA

I listen to a lot of music.  Generally it’s either pure classical music (Bach, Rachmaninoff, Mozart) or electronic dance music aka EDM (Corsten, Oakenfold, Tiesto).  Most of the music I will listen to is mainly for the melody and/or the tempo.  The music also won’t have lyrics that I can understand because I tend start singing along if I understand the lyrics (like in American songs).  Because of this reason, I also don’t always listen to what is playing on the radio.

Lately, someone introduced me to a Korean pop group known as TWICE.  They are extremely popular in Korea after being formed via a reality TV show known as SIXTEEN.  Their musical style is very integrates hip hop, R&B, and pop into catchy tunes.  They are very similar to an older Kpop girl group known as Girl’s Generation/SNSD.

Anyways, there is a convention called KCON LA.  For intents and purposes, it’s basically a music festival featuring Kpop artists performing live.  TWICE is apparently coming back to KCON LA.  Although my current situation doesn’t allow me freedom to participate as an audience, I took a look at the registration process.  Considering just how much data that gets collected (and lost/stolen), the amount of data the people at KCON want is pretty amazing.  Remember, this is just a registration page to purchase tickets.  These questions should be asked AFTER a user has registered.


The Last Straw…

Starbucks recently announced that it would be getting rid of straws by 2020.  That’s great for the environment!  They would probably be using a clear version of the lids that they use for the hot drinks.  However, that works well with liquid drinks.

What about for those ice blended frappuccino? These drinks are “thick/heavy” similar to a milkshake consistency.  I would think that a straw is required for these drinks.

Fitbit One

I use a Fitbit One to track my steps on a daily bases.  Lately, I have noticed that the number of friends who are still using Fitbit has declined to just 2.  Furthermore, the current installed firmware version 6.64 is a horrible.  It apparently is powering down randomly and doesn’t power back up upon movement.  I can’t seem to get it to power back up and respond to even the button pressing OR when it’s plugged into the charger.

That’s ridiculous.  Before 6.64, my Fitbit never had this issue.

Come on boys~!

I recently read a USA today article about a doggie day care service that took a “dog selfie” and shared that dog selfie on social media. I’ve been absolutely engrossed at how captionable this picture is…

Dog Squad

This picture is absolutely great seeing so many dogs practically looking at the camera or in the camera’s direction. A dog-loving friend remarked how only 4 dogs are NOT looking at the camera. Some dogs look like they’re barking. Everyone one of them look happy/content.

Looking at this picture got my creative juices flowing. And like any savvy content creator, I started to caption this picture. Here’s just three of these captions that I find to be so relevant to dog squad goals.

Dog Squad 5

Dog Squad 4

Dog Squad 3

If the original dog selfie doesn’t bring a slight chuckle, the captions have to elicit some response…. right?! =]

Daylight Saving Time

Today (March 11, 2018) is when clocks “spring forward” because of Daylight Saving Time (DST).  You lose an hour of sleep technically as clocks advance forward an hour for the next 8 months.  Marketplace Weekend had a short segment titled “5 Things You Need To Know About daylight Saving Time.” It’s fascinating to listen to.

I learned one thing though.  Apparently the myth of how DST benefits farmers is an actual myth perpetuated by the Chamber of Commerce to benefit the sales.  Who knew!?