2018 In Review

After the personal events that transpired in 2017, 2018 doesn’t seem all that bad.

Most importantly, I passed the PMP exam.  Secondly, I started working again.  I finished 4/6 books.  I am on track to finish the 1 Second Every Day project.  I was able to travel twice despite unemployment for a length of time.  And if you count a weekend road trip up to Bay Area as “traveling” then I traveled three times this past year.  My weight was decreasing but started increasing again when I started working.  Overall, I hit a few personal goals but also failed to finish a few as well too.

2019 goals to come.

Always Factory Reset First

I would probably file this under a Pro-tip category.  But I was looking into speeding up my tablet and I may have unintentionally bricked it.  When I think about it, I should have factory reset everything first before trying to perform the actions that I was reading.

Now I have to try to recover from this unintentional actions.


Thankfully whatever I did wasn’t serious.  Reading up on the instructions to get to the bootloader to factory reset the device wasn’t difficult to do.

Dear Spotify

As readers of this blog may have noticed from a short post that I joined Spotify.  Since then, my playlist has been predominantly…

  • Chill Tracks
  • House Acoustic
  • Classical
  • Lounge Chill
  • Acoustic Chill
  • Indie Chill
  • Melodic Dance
  • Acoustic Coffee House
  • Piano Lounge
  • Morning Acoustic
  • Evening Acoustic

Noticing a pattern?  Most of the listening is a mix of melodic trance, classical, house and acoustic.  If there’s one or two words I would use to describe the theme… it would probably be uplifting relaxation.