I will admit I have a tendency to interrupt others… men, women, dogs, cats, birds.  Not that I’m excusing this rude impolite behavior, but I think I interrupt people because I’m passionate about what I want to say.  I find that if I don’t say something right away, I lose my chance and more importantly my train of thought.  I recognize this problem and I’ve been taking slow steps to try to minimize my interruption of others.  I wonder if people notice it.

But anyways, due to the recent Senate hearings, a number of interesting things are coming out… like the interruption of Kamala Harris when speaking.  I find this fascinating because I recently heard about a study that women get interrupted by men more often as a sign of power. And yes, it even happens to the female Supreme Court Justices!  Do you remember this?  Interruption at it’s “finest.”

Is a burrito considered a wrap? 

Some points to ponder…

  • Is a wrap considered to be a “food delivery” system? 
  • Is a wrap just an alternative way to serve a sandwich ie… I can order a turkey sandwich and turkey a turkey wrap. I can also order a carnitas burrito but not carnitas sandwich.  
  •  Is a burrito considered to be “ethnic food” while a wrap is catch-all be-all term? 
  • Is it the type of filling that defines a wrap or a burrito?