New York Times Interview with Trevor Noah

I watch Trevor Noah’s The Daily Show on fairly consistent basis.  My YouTube feed popped up an hour long interview the New York Times did with Noah about Race and Identity as it relates to him.  When he talks seriously these divisive subjects, his responses are eloquent and thoughtful.  It’s worth listening to.


Ali Wong Stand-up Comedy

Recently I went one of Ali Wong‘s comedy show in Las Vegas.  I know her from her Netflix special called Baby Cobra.  So when I found out she was touring and had a shows near by, I jumped at the chance to go to one of the shows.  I’m glad I did.  I initially paid for a back section but was upgraded closer to the stage.  I guess they closed the back section and moved quite a few people closer to the front.


Her routine is a mix of personal stories and observations of Asian Americans in US.  Some of the bits are spot on perfect while others are more exaggerations of Asian American culture biases.  This show definitely is different from the Netflix show.  Some of the bits are continuations of the stories she told while most of it comes her experiences going through pregnancy and then motherhood.

I highly recommend anyone to watch this show.

A Note to Self podcast

I learned two new words as related to relationship… simmering and icing.  They come from this podcast Note to Self that I listen to.  In this podcast, the host interviews a relationship expert about online relationships and the recent occurrence of a new behavior of being in a relationship while at the same time not in a relationship.  It’s like Schrodinger’s cat. 

What fascinates me is the last half the episode where the expert talks about the changing definition of relationship. The expert reframes the relationship not as a growth of a couple together but a growth of two distinct separate but equal (for lack of a better phrase) individuals.  The expert simplifies this distinction with an analogy of cornerstone vs. capstone model of relationship. 

This episode is very enlightening.  Go listen.

American Solar Eclipse of 2017

If you haven’t heard of this event in America, you are clearly not even paying attention to the news.

Yes… I understand your sentiment about all the useless Trump news and all the partisan bickering going on in the government.  We even miss out on important issues because they get overshadowed by Trump news.  But at the very least, you have to pay attention to non-political news like the American Solar Eclipse of 2017.

Solar Eclipse 21AUG2017

Thanks to modern technology, there were quite a few YouTube Live feeds going on.  So even though I was not in the path of totality for this eclipse I still got to experience the awesomeness that is a total eclipse (of the heart.)