The Morey Tweet

I wonder what the general American populace thinks about the NBA after it initially censored the “Morey Tweet.” Is this a case of where a company lost sight of what it’s values are?

Should you be worried that a foreign government has that much influence on a company?

Should the American government be worried?

Hidden Healthcare Costs

I think that 90% or even 95% of the time,  a normal person would generally figure out the cost of the service or item that they want before actually buying that service/item.  Would you buy a car without first researching the car and how much it costs? Would you purchase a home also without researching the neighborhood?  When you go to a grocery store, would you buy something without at least acknowledging the price first before buying?

But healthcare… healthcare is a totally different beast.  A person goes to a doctor, gets a check up with blood work, and comes back in for a follow up.  How much does it cost?  Apparently depending on whether or not there’s insurance, the insurance company and the type of insurance coverage (Link1, Link2, Link3). All these factors will vary from person to person. The last link is pretty useful to understand the current state of what I think is a horribly inefficient system.  What frustrates me is that I don’t know what anything costs.  I get bills after the fact telling me I have to pay $X amount because that’s what I owe.  Does this not frustrate anyone else?  It’s like going to a McDonald’s asking for a Value Meal #2 and not knowing what it will cost you until after you’ve eaten it and 20 days later the bill comes for you to pay.

Now when the US presidential candidates talk about healthcare, medicare for all and single payer system, what will inevitably be part of the conversation would be discussions of “death panels” (#fakenews from Obamacare)” and “freedom of choice” (a google search has quite a few links on this topic).  Why don’t the candidates frame as a  “Constitutional Right” similar to the “Right to Free Speech” or “Right to Bear Arms”? Isn’t promoting the welfare of the people similar to promoting the health of the people?

In the Preamble of the Constitution… “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Something to Think About…


So I’ve been thinking about jumping into a non-SMS based 2-Factor Authentication route for a long time.  Similarly, I’ve thought a password manager might be useful as well.  So when I saw a 1Password deal of 6 months free service and a $10 discount off a 2-pack of YubiKey5 from 1Password, the combined deal gave me a little more reason to make an impulse decision to jump into both systems immediately.

So spending maybe 3 hours already on setup… I’m a little disappointed at 1Password.

  • I had originally thought the interface would be a little easier.  But I struggled somewhat trying to figure out how to get the Firefox and Chrome extensions to “autofill” the site information.  But as I figured out how that interface worked, I started to realize that I DIDN’T REALLY LIKE having 1Password fill out my info.  Call me old school, but typing in my user login and password felt like I was in control and would minimize the possibility of me forgetting my actual password.  Plus I currently have my own system for managing passwords.
  • I set up the new YubiKey as part of the 2FA login process for 1Password online.  But do you know what’s a little odd?  2FA doesn’t kick in when I’m logging into the Windows App, the Firefox extension and the Chrome extension either.  What’s the point of having a YubiKey if there’s no authentication when using 1Password on Windows, Firefox or Chrome?  That’s just weird.

Finally, I’m a little disappointed that financial institutions don’t support YubiKey.  They do have have their own 2FA method.  But enabling there own 2FA method complicates the use of financial software like Quicken or Mint.  I’m for safety, privacy, and security. But when you check Quicken as often as I do (every day), having to deal with all the different 2FA through Quicken is annoying.


Raptors win!

I only really care about NBA Finals because of one person: Jeremy Lin.  Sure he might not have played in the NBA finals… but his team is playing in the finals.  Sure he might be a journeyman player who’s played for 8 teams over 9 seasons… but his current team is playing in the finals.  And most importantly, his team… the Toronto Raptors… just won the NBA finals.

And Jeremy Lin now has an NBA ring.  How many Asian American’s can say that?